The Dres. Carl Maximilian und Carl Manfred Bayer-Stiftung (abbreviated to Dres. Bayer-Stiftung) is a non-profit foundation under civil law based in Ravensburg. The purpose of the foundation is to promote science and research.

The Dres. Bayer-Stiftung was founded on 23rd June 2006. The foundation’s assets consist of the estate bequeathed by the late Dr. Carl Manfred Bayer. The foundation is named after the donor and his father Dr. Carl Maximilian Bayer. The two men spent a combined total of sixty years as country doctors in the Ravensburg area. They were well known for their expert medical skills and huge sensitivity to the problems of their patients and patients’ relatives. Dr. Carl Manfred Bayer studied medicine at the University of Tübingen.

Every year since 2009, the foundation has awarded the Württemberg Cancer Award as ‘Project Prize’ and/or ‘Young Investigator Award’ in recognition of the work of young up-and-coming medical doctors who are specifically focused on cancer research and who were born or carry out their research in Württemberg.

The Donor

Dr. Carl Manfred Bayer